Journal Papers

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Improved Orbital Constraints and Hα Photometric Monitoring of the Directly Imaged Protoplanet Analog HD 142527 B. Balmer, W. O., Follette, K. B., Close, L. M., Males, J. R., De Rosa, R. J., Adams Redai, J. I., Watson, A., Weinberger, A. J., Morzinski, K. M., Morales, J., Ward-Duong, K., Pueyo, L., 2022, AJ, 164, 29

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Detection of Near-infrared Water Ice at the Surface of the (Pre)Transitional Disk of AB Aur: Informing Icy Grain Abundance, Composition, and Size. Betti, S. K., Follette, K., Jorquera, S., Duchêne, G., Mazoyer, J., Bonnefoy, M., Chauvin, G., Pérez, L. M., Boccaletti, A., Pinte, C., Weinberger, A. J., Grady, C., Close, L. M., Defrère, D., Downey, E. C., Hinz, P. M., Ménard, F., Schneider, G., Skemer, A. J., Vaz, A., 2022, AJ, 163, 145

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